Talking about plans and possibilities

الحديث عن الخطط والاحتمالات

Talking about plans and possibilities

استخدم العبارات التالية لسؤال الناس ان كانو يحملون خططا
Use the following expression to ask if people have plans

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Yes, I’m visiting my mother.
Use can to ask about possibility.
استخدم can للسؤال عن الامكانية
Can you show him around? Of course.

استخدم know لتخبر انك متاكد من شيء ما
Use know to say that you are certain of something.
What’s he interested in? Well, I know he enjoys eating out.

استخدم probably عندما تشير الى احتمال قوى جدا
Use probably to indicate strong possibility.

Notice how probably comes before the verb, unless the verb is be, in which case it comes after.
لاحظ كيف probably يأتى قبل الافعال
They probably like listening to music.

الا في افعال الكينونة )

( is – am – are فانه يأتي بعده
There’s probably an exhibit at the museum.

استخدم maybe في مقدمة الجمل للاشارة الى ضعف الاحتمال
Use maybe at the beginning of a sentence to indicate weaker possibility.
Maybe he enjoys photography.

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