Past tense questions with question words

Past tense questions with question words
أسئلة الزمن الماضي مع أدوات الاستفهام

أسئلة الزمن الماضي التي لا تستخدم الفعل be ، والتي تبدأ بكلمة
الاستفهام، تأخذ الفعل المساعد did
لاحظ أيضا أن الفعل الأساسي يبقى في شكله الأصلي

Past tense questions that don’t use the verb be, and which begin with a question word, take the auxiliary did. Notice also that the main verb stays in its base form.

What did you do on the weekend? I played badminton

.Where did you go for your vacation? I went to Peru

To ask about the owner of an object, use the question word whose
للسؤال عن صاحب شيء، استخدم كلمة الاستفهام whose
Whose backpack did you borrow? I borrowed my brother’s.
To ask about the category of something, use the question phrase what kind of.
للسؤال عن فئة شيء، استخدم عبارة الاستفهام what kind of
What kind of animals did you see? We saw deer, wolves and a snake

يمكنك استخدام كلمة الاستفهام how مع صفات كثيرة مختلفة
لطلب معلومات مفصلة

You can use the question word how with many different adjectives to ask for detailed information

؟How far did you walk
?How difficult was the hike
Questions with the verb be don’t require the auxiliary did
الأسئلة باستخدام الفعل be لا تتطلب الفعل المساعد did
How was your weekend? It was great, thanks
How long was your trip? We hiked for two weeks

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