Prepositions of time and place

Prepositions of time and place

ثلاثة حروف جر للزمان والمكان هي in وon وat

Three prepositions of time and place are in, on and at

استخدم in في مناطق واسعة أو لفترات من الزمن، مثل البلدان أو السنوات

Use in for large areas or periods of time, like countries or years

Beijing is in China
They came here in 2005

استخدم on للمناطق الاصغر، مثل الشوارع، والايام والتواريخ

Use on for smaller areas, like streets, and for days and dates

I live on Main Street
The lecture is on Monday
My birthday is on April 17th

استخدم at للشركات والعناوين والمباني؛ ولفترات محددة من الزمن

Use at for addresses, businesses and buildings; and for precise periods of time

His house is at 465 Pine Street
The concert is at 5 p.m
The lecture is at the auditorium

Use in with morning, afternoon and evening. استخدم in مع الصباح مع morning وafternoon وevening

In the morning, I’m very tired

Use at with night, midnight and noon واستخدم at مع night وmidnight وnoon

At night, I like to read


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