Past continuous

Past continuous
الماضي المستمر

استخدم الماضي المستمر للإشارة إلى عمل أو حدث استمر لفترة
من الزمن في الماضي. كون الماضي المستمر من الماضي
للفعل be وفعل + ing

Use past continuous to refer to an action or event that lasted for a period of time in the past. Form past continuous with the past tense of the verb be and a verb + ing

A: I met Elsa in Spain. I was visiting my brother in Madrid. We were eating tapas, and she walked into the restaurant
?B: Were you hoping to find a girlfriend

A: No, I was just lucky. I really wasn’t trying to find a girlfriend

لاحظ أن كثيرا ما يستخدم الفعل الماضي المستمر لتقديم أو إعطاء
معلومات أساسية عن القصة

Note that the past continuous tense is frequently used to introduce or give background information for a story

So, I was driving in my car. Then I saw the accident

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