Describing people

Describing people
وصف الأشخاص

قل What is person like أو What does person look like
لتسأل عن حجم شخص أو شكله أو سنه أو مظهره العام
استخدم الفعل be لوصف المظهر العام
Say What does (person) look like? to ask about a person’s size, shape, age or overall appearance. Use the verb be to describe overall appearance

What does he look like?
He is tall and middle-aged. He’s very good-looking
Use questions like What color are his eyes? and How tall is she? to ask for a description of specific parts of a person’s body. Use the verb have to refer to body parts.
يمكنك أيضا استخدام الأسئلة مثل ماذا What’s his hair like
أو What color are his eyes لطلب وصفا لأجزاء معينة من جسم
الشخص. استخدم الفعل have للإشارة إلى أجزاء الجسم
?What color are his eyes
They’re brown.
?How tall is she
She’s very tall
?What do the children look like
They have curly, red hair. Jasmine has big, brown eyes, and Jason has blue eyes.

هناك العديد من الصفات التي يمكنك استخدامها لتعطي رأيك حول
مظهر شخص ما. لاحظ أن الفعل be يستخدم مع هذه الصفات

There are many adjectives to give your opinion about someone’s appearance. Notice that the verb be is used with these.

He’s not very good-looking
She’s beautiful!
He’s very attractive.
He’s handsome.

Language note: Good-looking has the same meaning as attractive. Good-looking and attractive can be used for both men and women. Beautiful is generally used for women, and handsome is generally used for men.
Good-looking attractive لهم نفس معنى
ويمكن استخدامهم لكل من الرجال والنساء. وعادة
نستخدم Beautiful للنساء، و handsome للرجال

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